Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Taurus people are born between April 21 and May 21 and Capricorns are born between December 22 and January 20.

In fact, the combination of both these zodiac signs is quite interesting and convenient as compared to other signs.

They are different in many ways but also have some common interests and objectives in love to keep stress away and maintain a healthy relationship.

Both of them have appreciation for sensuality as well as earthy pleasures that make their combination a good one.

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn and Taurus is Venus. Venus is a warm planet that emanates feminine energy and Saturn is a cold planet that emits masculine energy. Venus represents sensuality and love.

Saturn represents discipline and perseverance. Symbol of Taurus is Bull and symbol of Capricorn is goat.

The bull can help the goat take rest from day to day workload and enjoy entertaining things in life. The goat can tell the bull how to work with dedication to achieve the goals.

Relationship and love Compatibility 

Taurus man and Capricorn woman make a lovely relation with devotion so intense that they understand thoughts of each other with time.

They love stability and peace with a strong sense of possessions. Both of them enjoy strong ways of love and are dependable on one another.

The man knows how to be flexible and the woman learns to be more expressive and extrovert.

Although, they don’t express love with flowery words like most of lovers do, they have a pleasant relation with lifetime happiness.

Taurus man knows how to make woman feel secure in his presence and his is a good caretaker. He is capable to persevere in hard times making things work smooth.

Mostly, he is composed and a calm person having a practical and stable approach towards life. He values his material assets, possessions and financial strength.

He can be highly emotional sometimes. He likes a life which is unwavering and is not distracted by any surprises. He is caring for his love and takes her security seriously.

Taurus woman wants to be loved by the man but she doesn’t like to say too many flowery and romantic words. She is reserved and mostly expresses her feelings practically.

Problems Compatibility 

Although, Taurus man and Capricorn woman make a perfect combination, there can be some issues with them. The most common problem in their relationship is inability to express their feelings as the woman is not very expressive.

She does not display her sentiments so easily. They have difficulty in sharing their feelings and find it hard to speak it to the partner.

The woman can be in a worse situation when it comes to verbally express the emotions because she is proud of her independence and the man is a bit stubborn.

They are patient enough to get through it wisely. But communication is a problem in their relationship. None of them like showing anger, insecurity and fear.

They usually keep these feelings in their hearts. It’s duty of the man to make her woman feel comfortable and secure to frankly speak up her mind.

Communication is necessary for a healthy relationship and lack of it can be disastrous as it can ruin a healthy bond in a short span of time.

Being reserved is a good habit as long as it is applied at required point, but with life partner it can lead to serious misunderstandings with extreme implications.

Friendship Compatibility 

Taurus man and Capricorn woman make a wonderful friendship because both of them are practical minded without being sentimental. They are realistic and disciplined in their personal and professional life.

Taurus is impressed by perseverance of Capricorn and Capricorn likes stability of Taurus. They form a strong friendship which is based on security of possessions and logical perspective of life.

They are traditional, conservative, loyal and reliable .They can help each other to accomplish the goals and make their dreams come true.

Sexual Relation

When Taurus man and Capricorn woman are in bed, their relation is more prominent than other signs in the Zodiac.

They experience a comfortable pairing in intimacy which helps the relationship move ahead.

Their focus is physical love making.

They are not interested in too much whisper, romance and emotional expressions. They let their bodies talk to each other and get closer.

The ability of Taurus man to express himself honestly and sincerely genuinely attracts Capricorn woman. His erotic style and sensuality makes her passionate with intensity.

She doesn’t like games and understands where she stands with the man. Sometimes, the woman draws a line between love and sex to defend her from getting hurt.

She knows how to let down her guard and enjoy physical passion with the man.

Romance Compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn both are not good at verbal expression of love. They want financial stability and they work for it together.

Capricorn woman refrains from initiating romance until she feels secure in her lover’s arms. She hates being romantic in public and prefers it in privacy where nobody can watch them.

Marriage Compatibility 

Capricorn woman is mature and serious in her relationship. Her ambitious attitude is perfect for marriage. She is an awesome wife and efficient mother who takes care of entire household so well.

She is not sentimental like other immature girls. She is fully focused on important things and practical. She tries to get her goals with complete dedication.

She does not take help from conflicting feelings and emotions that can’t confuse her. She is uninterested in emotions and matters of heart, so winning her over is highly challenging for any man.

When she marries any man, she tries to be in an important position in man’s life. She wants to have a significant status for him and not be neglected as an ordinary beloved.

She gets uncomfortable if she is not given an important position in her relation.

She can embody in a wise, practical and strong woman for her partner’s hope or dream. The man may wish more for an open expression of her emotions and love.

But he understands that her persistence commitment to the marriage over long term is actually her style of showing her love to him.

At the same time, she is feminine and warm with soft feeling for her special relations.

When Taurus man marries her, he enjoys the focused attention from her and devotions that makes him secure and peaceful.

Taurus man is truly responsible and it is difficult to win over Capricorn woman but they can capture her heart if they are fully dedicated.

Both of them are not good at verbally expressing their love like some lovers do with flowery language and flattering words. The man is more emotional than the woman and can refine the softer side of her Capricorn beloved.

With love and security, he gives her respect in all situations, considering it as an important requirement for any long-term relationship.

He supports her in all times and encourages her. He doesn’t allow any issue or tiff spoil the relation and brings rare gifts for her lover.

They like stability in life and feel good when they work to achieve something higher. They have a common goal for which they make efforts together.

The element of respect is always present in the relationship. They admire each other when they have the opportunity.

They create a strong family bond and avoid superficial flirtations or one-night stands. They build a home environment with strong foundations and serious goals.

Fight Compatibility

In any relationship, arguments and misunderstandings are possible that can break out fights on and off.

Because there is lack of communication between Taurus man and Capricorn woman, they can have some quarrels on petty issues.

The woman is unemotional and not too romantic but the man likes romance, so it can be a cause of fight.

When the man or the woman is insulted they can scream out or when there is extreme disparity in thoughts and actions.

The fight between a Taurus man and Capricorn woman is based on logic especially when it is from the woman side.

It’s not a childish altercation based on illogical and unrealistic allegations. Obviously, when the woman deeply hurts, she reacts.

Similarly, when the man experiences disloyalty and insult, he is upset. He misbehaves the woman and tries to know the real cause of her woman’s deception.

Breakup Compatibility  

Capricorn women are loyal to their partners and they don’t breakup easily. They are committed to stand by for a long-term relation.

She does not get hurt easily and if she gets heart-broken, she does not tell others that she is in emotional pain and relationship conflict. Before deciding on any breakup, she thinks deeply from all perspectives.

She thoroughly analyzes liabilities and benefits. She does not take impulsive decisions and her maturity keeps on forcing her to give the man another chance.

She can give the man a cold shoulder. She can go into a major sulk before thinking about giving another chance.