9 Ways to Win a Capricorn Women Heart


The following are the 9 Ways to Win a Capricorn Women Heart. How to win the heart of woman to make her fall in love with you.

Learn how to use conversations to communicate and instantly create attraction. Capricorn Women like it a lot when a man understand their likes, dislikes and interests.

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Capricorn needs certain things from a lover in order to be happy.

Contrary to what you might read in your daily horoscope, love compatibility is more complicated than just which Sun signs go together or not, but understanding how Capricorn thinks and feels will go a long way towards deepening and securing your relationship together.

Find out how to win a girl’s heart and impress her effortlessly using these 9 simple steps.

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Stand with her

comfort her when she cries

Comfort her when she cries.


Compliment her

Compliment her.

Show Affection

cuddle with her

Cuddle with her.

Protect her

Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other

Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other.

Show love

hug her from behind

Hug her from behind.

Be honest

love her with all your heart

Love her with all your heart.

Be Practical

say i love you and mean it

Say i love you and mean it.

Take Care

 wrap your arms around her

 Wrap your arms around her.


write little notes

Write little notes.