What Capricorn Likes and Dislikes : Capricorn Facts


Discover the facts about Capricorn Likes and Dislikes. Observation is the first step to know others what they likes and dislikes.

If you have any kind of relations with Capricorn you should keep list of points in your mind that are given below.

Capricorn Likes

Improving Themselves

Along with their drive and professional ambitions, Capricorns tend to put a lot of energy into their personal ambitions as well;

They are bent on being the best that they can be and work to improve their bodies and minds.

They are definitely in tune with the concept of reaching whatever pinnacle presents itself; they often can be found involving themselves in some kind of training or skills development classes.


Capricorn is also the most persistent of signs; usually the only thing that can make them turn their back on their own advancement or self interest is an illness of some type that keeps them pinned to rest or other protocols.

But most of them are remarkably healthy.

Practical thinking

Being practical thinkers, they tend to enjoy things and ideas that are useful; although they rarely allow themselves to go broke, they prefer their tools, computers and other things that help them accomplish their goals to flashy cars and expensive furniture.

They don’t get the fun of “flaunting it” that more ego-driven signs relish.

The Wisdom of Experience

Young Capricorns are usually quite obedient and studious; they treasure the wisdom of experience and tend to follow the best examples they can find among their elders.

When they become older, they love the company of young people, and use it to return the favor to them;

they like passing whatever wisdom and experience they have accumulated on to others.


Being responsible is also very important to people born under the sign of Capricorn; they will never let those they love down. Although independent and geared towards personal advancement.

It is rare to find a Capricorn who does not make sure that the needs of those whom are climbing the mountain behind them are taken care of.

If a Capricorn gives you their word, don’t expect it to be broken. Keeping their word is extremely important to them.

 Capricorn Dislikes


The typical Capricorn is a no-nonsense type, who quietly pursues the fulfillment of their ambitions without displaying their intentions.

Because of this no-frills approach, they tend to despise laziness in whatever form it may appear to them.

Unnecessary Foolishness

They also cannot abide unnecessary frivolity and foolishness; when these activities are going on around them,

they are more prone to watch from the background while waiting for the opportunity to get back to something important.

Being Angry

Capricorn also has a problem with the display of anger, either by others or by themselves.

They’d rather let the anger settle and use the energy to get work done;

they find it more satisfying to win than to exhibit their pride through a loud loss of controls.

Public Displays of Passion

In the same fashion, even the most romantic Capricorns have difficulty with public displays of passion;

they are not prone to exhibit their feelings and don’t feel comfortable around those who are constantly displaying theirs.

When they do, it means they are out of control and becoming the kind of frustrated, depressive Capricorn that can’t find their way up the mountain.


It’s a very rare Capricorn that engages in gossip and small talk;

they are very private people for the most part, and they just do not feel the need to violate the privacy of others.