Phenomenal Reasons to Date a Capricorn


Here we emphasis on 6 Phenomenal Reasons to Date a Capricorn why because its all about sharing of thoughts, emotions and learning from each other .

Capricorns Are Logical

It’s not that Capricorns can’t appreciate whimsy or festive people, (remember Kate Moss is a cappy.). But if you say things like “this cleanse is so amazing” or “my wet hair gave me a cold” a Capricorn is likely to dismiss you. Facts are highly appreciated. This a big Reasons to Date a Capricorn. 

Capricorns Are Frugal

They may not want to splurge on that $500 handbag but their frugality will undoubtedly pay off when you guys are old and gray. Don’t start bugging Capricorn to live a little because you want to eat out every night and can’t figure out how to balance your bank account even though you’re 35. Cappy isn’t interested.

Capricorns Are Ambitious

For Capricorns, ambition is everything. So if your favorite activity is chillin with a bag of salt and pepper kettle chips in front of the TV, your sloth ass best keep walking. Because your Capricorn is having none of it. Capricorn yearns for success and accolade so appeal to their work-a-holic side. I’m not saying you should brag but letting a Capricorn know about your career success is the fastest way to their heart.

Capricorns Are Responsible

Do you like having your bills paid on time? Well then dating a Capricorn will likely whet your appetite. Capricorns are always responsible saving money for retirement at an early age, never losing their phone, and picking up the kids for school on time.

Capricorns Are Hilarious

Capricorn humor is either absurd and over-the top or dry and witty. Jim Carrey, Betty White and Maggie Smith are Capricorns. So you get the idea. Either way a Capricorn will make you laugh so hard you’ll pee your pants. You’d better get that diaper ready.

Capricorns Make Great Lovers

As Capricorn (like Taurus and Virgo) is an earth sign, they love partaking in pleasure of the flesh. In other words they like to get it on. Capricorns make for quite the passionate lover so if you’ve ever wanted to try handcuffs and whipped cream now’s your chance.