11 Things you should know about Dating a Capricorn


 The most considerable 11 Things you should know about dating a Capricorn. There are a

few things you need to know about those stubborn yet lovable dude.


Capricorns are hard workers. While this makes them successful and great providers, it can

also mean they’ll focus more on career than relationships.


When you’re dating a Capricorn man, you won’t have to contend with pretension or

frivolity. Capricorns are ambitious and happy to enjoy the fruits of their labor but they

always keep it real. Our first lady and the first lady of the royal family, Kate Middleton, are

perfect examples of this awesome quality.


Capricorns tend to be reserved and hide their emotions, so you may have to exercise a

little patience and put in a bit of extra work to draw them out. Don’t be fooled by their stoic



They’re patient and dedicated when it comes to work and love. Your Cap may take his time

getting to know you but once he’s committed, he’s in it for the long haul. This guy’s

definitely not a player.

Play it Safe:

If you’re looking for an adventurous Adrenalin junkie, this isn’t the zodiac sign for you.

Capricorns take the long view, plan for the future and avoid risky endeavors. If you want

someone to settle down with, the Capricorn lover is your man.

Closet Romantic:

His reserved practicality may seem less than romantic don’t expect to be unexpectedly

jetted off to Paris or showered with extravagant gifts—but when he’s ready to jump into a

relationship with you, know that he’s a big softies deep down.

Strive to be the Best:

This is the sign of perfectionists. He’s always striving to be the best at everything he does

and this can make him very successful but also a little elitist and preoccupied with work.

Fear of Failure:

The downside of a desire for perfection is the fear of failure. If you want to reel in your

Capricorn man, try not to bruise his sometimes-fragile ego.

 Financial Planner:

They tend to be detail-oriented and meticulous financial planners with a sharp eye on the

future. If you want someone to share a comfortable retirement with, keep dating a

Capricorn man.

Take it Slow:

Capricorns are patient and if you’re dating one, you need to be too. They’re looking for a

real long-term commitment and they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. The payoff is

that they’re great family men and devoted mates.

 No mind Games:

Caps are drama-free and won’t play mind games with you—that alone should make you

start picking out china patterns. Being down-to-earth and practical by nature, he’s the real

thing and is looking for the real thing.

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