Top 5 The Most Hated Things For Capricorn


The Top 5 ways to annoy a Capricorn, not that you would ever want to, of course! Follow these Astrology Rules to avoid Capricorn drama… 🙂 

You might not intend to annoy or piss off a Capricorn, but with this particular astrological sign, it can happen easily or even on accident.

Anyone who has ever dated a Capricorn, lived with a Capricorn or has a Capricorn family member will agree… Capricorns are one the most reliable and patient zodiac signs, and they have the longest ‘fuse’.

Capricorn is an earth sign so they are easy going for the most part, BUT they do have some rigid requirements for harmony.

The Most Hated Things For Capricorn:

1Loud People

In general, Capricorns don’t appreciate loud, rude or impolite people. It just rubs them the wrong way.

Caps also get annoyed by gossip, both people who spread it  and people who believe in it. To get along with a Capricorn male or female, you must have manners and always use them.

Privacy and trustworthiness are also qualities that Capricorns look for in soulmate.